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Supported by AT&T, the mission of ChaTech Women is to inspire connect and support women and girls in technology pursuits through education, networking and mentoring so they may advance professionally and personally.

In 2017, ChaTech relaunched an interest group for women in technology.  Planning is underway to make sure this group meets the needs of today’s professionals.  Watch this space for more information about this developing program.  If you want your name added to the email list for this group, contact Carla Askonas.

Thank you for our exclusive ChaTech Women sponsor:

AT&T recently celebrated International Women’s Day which serves as a wonderful reminder of how far we’ve come in society. It’s also a chance to step back and recognize how far we still need to go. AT&T actively champions diversity in the workplace.  A diverse workplace is both valued and valuable in everything we do at AT&T.
AT&T is a proud sponsor of ChaTech Women.

Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities?
ChaTech Women Panel  or Workshop is $650 per event (not available for 2019)
ChaTech Woman Social is $250 per event (not available for 2019)

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Carla Askonas at 423.826.8700.