Women-led Career Mapping Workshop is a Success

Women-led Career Mapping Workshop is a Success

On Monday, November 18, the ChaTech Women peer group forum led a successful career mapping in technology workshop, sponsored by AT&T. The workshop focused on getting where you want to go with your career, regardless of whether your path has been traditional or non-traditional. The event opened with a panel of four Chattanoogan women in technology leadership roles discussing their journeys as they have climbed the ranks. The panelists were:

  • Diane Ball, VP Chief Information Security Officer of BCBST
  • Kayce Degenhardt, Director of IT Operations at Erlanger Health Systems
  • Anna Sherman, Developer and Team Lead at Zillion
  • Sherri Zink, SVP Chief Data and Engagement Officer of BCBST

The importance of self responsible and initiative was emphasized as the panelists detailed their journeys. “You have to take ownership of your career. You are responsible for it,” Diane Ball said offering advice for women interested in getting into an IT/tech career. And Sherri Zink mentioned, “Market yourself. Market yourself in person, online, over the phone, all over.”

When asked what the panelists saw as the role of education, each panelists had an different education background: one does not have a four-year degree but instead holds many certifications while another has an information technology bachelor degree. However, they all agreed that being well-rounded and always being eager to learn is key. Anna Sherman offered, “You have to be able to learn. Learning is always a part of your journey.”

The panelists discussed how mentoring has played a part in each of their careers. Mentor have helped with networking, spheres of influence and nurture potential. When considering mentors, the panel offered the following tips:

  • Find people you trust with your best interest
  • Take initiative
  • Ask the questions
  • Seek out people not like you

Following the panel, the panelists offered group mentoring sessions to answer questions and discuss their career journeys in further details with the attendees.

The event concluded with three workshop sessions on:

  • How to ace the technical interview portion when applying for jobs, led by Anna Sherman
  • How to promote your career (view presentation here), led by Lemon Williams of The Ionado Group
  • How to make the jump into technical leadership OR architecture, led by Jennifer Butler of BCBST


About the program: ChaTech Women’s mission is to inspire connect and support women and girls in technology pursuits through education, networking and mentoring so they may advance professionally and personally.

This peer forum is inclusive, all are welcome. 


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