The Howard School Welding Instructor’s Wish List

The Howard School Welding Instructor’s Wish List

The Howard School is a future ready institute and they are asking for donations for their welding program. These items will be used in their welding class.

Please see wish list below:

  • GEKA Micro 50 Iron Worker
  • Band Saw capable of Miters
  • Vertical Mill with Readouts and Servo Motor Feed Control plus tooling
  • Lathe with minimum 12” swing plus tool post and tooling
  • Lincoln 4 X 6 CNC Plasma Table
  • Tubing bender
  • Tubing Notcher
  • Siegmund Welding Table with Clamps
  • Safety gear – steel toe boots, work shirts, work pants, skull caps, work gloves, MIG gloves, TIG gloves, Stick gloves, torch glasses, safety glasses
  • Material for welding projects and welding coupons – different alloys such as mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel – 18 gauge – ¼” thick

It is The Howard School’s mission to create a culture that engages all stakeholders through innovative strategies and meaningful relationships to establish a preferred community of lifelong learners and productive citizens.


Contact Zena Buckley at The Howard School to coordinate donations.
2500 Market Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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