Open Award Categories

Data Analyst or Data Analytics Leader of the Year
Celebrates an individual who has executed a data or analytics implementation to enhance organizational decision-making and operations. Includes Data Science, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Engineers, Database Developer, ETL, or similar professionals. 

IT Champion for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Recognizes an individual, manager level or above, who demonstrates outstanding effort to foster a climate of diversity, equity and inclusion. This professional actively works to mitigate biases and proactively recruits and retains diverse talent at all levels of the department or company, with proven positive results. 

Security Leader of the Year
Recognizes a security leader, manager level or above, who demonstrates excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. 

Software Developer/Engineer or Leader of the Year
Celebrates an innovative individual who has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of software development or demonstrated significant creativity in building applications. 

Technology Company of the Year 
Recognizes a service provider company that has demonstrated exceptional insight and innovation using technological strategies to improve productivity, enhance organizational performance, and/or develop new markets.