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NameNikhil Surve
Years of Experience0-5

It was with great interest that I learned of the opening in your department for a data scientist.

I’ll be graduating in May 2019 and would really love to start working after that. Along with various coursework and projects, I am having several relevant internships in Data Science as well. Currently interning at Grow Financial Federal Credit Union as a data scientist, I am helping them to automate the process of fraud detection and making data-driven decisions regarding their external services. I was in the Midwest over the summer working at Midco as a data analyst intern, helping to build predictive models and reports to improve the operations and customer experience.

I bring a unique perspective and can add the best possible value to this position. I hope you go through my resume and understand my potential.

Cover Letter and Resume UploadNikhil-Surve_DS.pdf