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ChaTech offers its members, and the technology sector at large, employment-related resources including workforce access, talent acquisition resources, and partnerships that focus on diversity in the workforce & talent related programming.

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 Name Years of Experience Entry DateLink to Entry
Katheryn Telles6-10September 6, 2019View Details
Michael Szemborski20+June 20, 2019View Details
Ruben Perez6-10June 10, 2019View Details
Jakob Becklehimer0-5June 5, 2019View Details
Rachel Mullins0-5June 3, 2019View Details
Stephanie Koukas20+May 13, 2019View Details
Siri Alay0-5May 8, 2019View Details
Nikhil Surve0-5April 15, 2019View Details
Victoria Yang0-5February 20, 2019View Details
 Name Years of Experience Entry DateLink to Entry