Tech Jobs

ChaTech serves its mission to INVEST in workforce pipelines across the greater Chattanooga Region in a variety of ways.  One being a focus on JOBS.  Through our affiliation with the Technology Councils of North America, we are able to bring a great deal of job-related data to you; what are the hot jobs/industries and where are those jobs located? Who is hiring? How can I (prospective employee) get connected to the employers?  ChaTech answers those questions for you through two member companies, TechFetch and Fetch.

Don’t let the similar names confuse you;  TechFetch is a traditional job board where  employers post job openings and prospective employees can apply for those jobs.  Fetch is a local company (part of Gig Tank 2016) that focuses on talent and relationships.  It enables a person to created a profile that describes their skills and potential employers have profiles describing what they are looking for.  The inherent software determines if a match is made.  If either the employers or the prospect would like to have a conversation the will “swipe right” – for those of you that are familiar with Tinder, you will understand this reference.  It enables people to look around at prospective jobs without formalizing the search.  Click on both of the links below to learn more –