Sovee President Scott Gaskill Speaking at Localization World Dublin

Sovee President Scott Gaskill Speaking at Localization World Dublin

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Sovee President Scott Gaskill Speaking at Localization World Dublin

Debuts Real-Time Learning Translation Engine, Opens Gateway to 6,000+ Languages

Chattanooga, TN– June 2, 2014 – Scott Gaskill, President of Sovee, will announce a new development in translation technology at the Localization World Dublin 2014 conference to be held June 4-6 in Dublin, Ireland. The presentation, “Sovee Smart Engine 2.0: A Leap Beyond Base Moses Technology” will demonstrate how this new approach can rapidly open the door to worldwide translation.  “There are more than 6,000 languages in the world today, and after 60 years of statistical Machine Translation, our industry has developed Machine Translation engines for only 150 of those languages,” Mr. Gaskill notes. “Sovee decided it was time to take an entirely new approach to machine translation.”  “One of the challenges we faced was computer processing limitations. To build engines for more than 6,000 languages would require over 92 million servers, and that’s before you start building custom engines for clients,” Mr. Gaskill explains. “With the release of Smart Engine 2.0 this summer, it is now possible to process virtually unlimited  simultaneous transactions with only a fraction of those servers.”

Smart Engine 2.0 introduces the world’s first self-learning engine for language.

“The Smart Engine 2.0 literally learns brand, industry and other translation preferences as you watch it,” Mr. Gaskill adds. “It eliminates the need to create business rules or batch translation memories for preferences.”  Sovee’s indigenous translators have already seen over 50% translation efficiency improvements, when using the new Sovee Smart Engine 2.0.  Localization World brings together delegates who are engaged in the business of  adapting products, services and communications to an international language or culture so as to appear native to that particular region. Speakers at the conference also include  representatives from Adobe Systems, eBay, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Spil

Games and other notable companies. The conference is produced by MultiLingual Computing, Inc. and The Localization Institute.

The keynote address will be delivered by Magnus Lindkvist, one of the world’s leading and most respected futurists. Lindkvist works with corporations and governments aroundthe world and is the author of When the Future Begins: A Guide to Long-Term Thinking,

Everything We Know is Wrong and The Attack of the Unexpected.

The full conference program is available at

“Localization World is a key conference for companies doing business globally orworking in multiple language markets,” Mr. Gaskill notes. “We are excited to

Localization World Dublin sponsors include: ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services, SDL, Across, Lionbridge, Welocalize, Moravia and Smartling.

About Sovee  Sovee is a premiere provider of cloud-based translation and pioneer of Smart Engine “learning” technology for language. Sovee is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, USA with partners and agents across the U.S. and around the world.


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