Scenic City Summit is a two-day technology conference hosted in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. The conference is being held Thursday, October 3 for Pre-Conference Programs and Friday, October 4 for the Summit Conference. Tickets are on sale now at


Presented by ChaTech and premier sponsor, Red Hat, this event brings together coders, designers, database administrators, web developers, project managers, and IT professionals to share real-world business problems, best practices and emerging technologies. Last year, 400+ developers from 72 companies participated in 40+ presentations, covering a wide array of subject areas. Now in the fourth year, Scenic City Summit is expanding the subject tracks available to include cybersecurity, in partnerships with the Chattanooga Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) chapter.


“ChaTech is excited to announce it is adding a cybersecurity track to the 2019 Scenic City Summit (SCS), the largest IT conference in Chattanooga.  The conference is one way that ChaTech cultivates a vibrant tech ecosystem that represents diverse topics, specialties, experiences and voices;  many people straddle multiple skill areas in their jobs so expanding the conference topics made sense and serves the IT workforce well,” say ChaTech Executive Director, Carla Askonas.

Carla also believes this will only add value to this annual conference, “Scenic City Summit has been growing rapidly.  Adding cybersecurity talks strengthens the overall conference program. Involving the Chattanooga ISSA chapter was crucial to recruiting expert speakers for the new track.  ChaTech looks forward to building this partnership with ISSA and including chapter members in the Scenic City Summit Planning Committee moving forward.”

Topics such as basic center for internet security (CIS) controls, building strong cloud security foundations, aligning security value with business needs, incident response with limited resources and more will be covered on Friday, October 4. Speakers, such as Chris Rimondi, will be present. Chris has been involved in the local security community, serving on the Board of Directors for the Chattanooga ISSA chapter since 2012. To view more details on these talks and speakers, visit


Learn more about ChaTech, Scenic City Summit, and ways you can get involved by calling 423.826.8700 or visit

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