Welcome to ChaTech’s Tech Resource Portal

ChaTech bridges Chattanooga’s technology community to the resources needed for growth. You will find current job and internship openings, professional development opportunities, community partner support, and educational information. Looking for more? Reach out to us! We are here to connect you to what you need for a successful and vibrant tech career in Chattanooga.

Job Board

ChaTech’s Tech Job resource portal provides access to a portfolio of resources that showcase current open positions. Member organizations can utilize the tech job board to publish open job opportunities, or promote internship opportunities.

Professional Development and Training 

ChaTech offers talent related resources regarding IT job openings and talent acquisition resources including a job board, as well as key partnerships that focus on skills development and diversity in the workforce. ChaTech also provides a wide array of programs and forums to allow for discussion on industry trends, talent development, and diversity + inclusion.

Business Tools for Tech Companies

Whether you just have an idea on paper or an established company, ChaTech partners with great community organizations and institutions to provide you with the resources you need for growth.

Member Marketing

Market your organization’s ChaTech membership to your employees and customers!