Welcome to ChaTech’s Tech Job Resource Portal

Looking for top-talent to join your organization? Looking for your next career opportunity? Or internship opportunities? ChaTech bridges Chattanooga’s technology community to the resources needed for growth.

Job and Talent Board Access

For employers seeking the top-talent, ChaTech’s Tech Job resource portal provides access to a pipeline of highly-qualified prospects and a portfolio of resources that showcase open positions.

ChaTech member organizations can utilize the Job Board for free to publish open job opportunities.

For job seekers looking for new opportunities in the tech sector, the Talent Board offers a free easy-to-use platform.

Empower Chattanooga’s next generation of tech professionals

ChaTech’s Internship resource portal connects the next generation of technology professionals and ChaTech member organizations.

ChaTech member organizations are welcome to utilize the internship portal for free to publish internship opportunities.

College students can utilize the applicant portal to publish their resumes for prospective employers to review.