ChaTech Programs

ChaTech Programs educate our diverse range of members and guests on relevant and significant topics affecting the tech industry today. We provide resources and opportunities that focus on our mission:


Connect the Technology Community Together


Invest in the Technology Talent Pipeline


Promote Chattanooga as a Technology Hub


Grow the Chattanooga Economy

5 Things ChaTech Does For You


1. Offer wide array of programming to support professional development

2. Promote your business accomplishments – guest blogs, newsletter, website

3. Provide nationwide Job Portal

4. Advocate for you with TN & Federal Legislature

5. Represent you within Technology Councils of North America

What We Offer

Our CxO Rountable identifies salient trends, topics and issues to be addressed by city leaders, legislators and CIO’s on a quarterly basis.

Our scholarship program invests in students in grades K-12 as well as College students majoring in STEM fields.


Offers professional development programs and mentor opportunities like Million Women Mentors.

Our multiple networking events bring members face-to-face in ways that fit their schedule, style and industry sector they serve:

Monthly Networking Luncheons are the ideal way to connect with industry leaders and entrepreneurs on topics ranging from IT Services and Tech Law, to Utilities and Transportation & Logistics.

Talkin’ Tech Socials are designed to connect established business leaders with up-and-coming start up developers and entrepreneurs.