ChaTech is a nonprofit professional association for technology-related and tech-enabled companies doing business in the greater Chattanooga area. Today, every company depends on technology and IT to create, manage, and deliver its products and services, even if the services themselves do not involve technology. ChaTech is the place where professionals get together to discuss, learn, and collaborate around core technology and IT operations, challenges, and opportunities.

In addition, companies join ChaTech to be part of the community that creates and sustains a diverse, connected, and vibrant tech ecosystem where businesses, professionals, students, and educational institutions all thrive together. ChaTech is at the intersection of all those stakeholders and we provide relationships and connections to advance collaborations and growth.

Our members include single-proprietor startups to enterprise companies and encompass every industry operating in the greater Chattanooga area. Our corporate membership structure means every member of your company can access programs that touch on their area of expertise. Become a member to elevate your company’s IT culture and capabilities.

We make it easy for members to join and immediately take advantage of every Chatech opportunity. Individual members will enjoy exciting ways to empower themselves, network and grow professionally. Corporate members benefit from a powerful platform to engage with our membership, and the ability to provide numerous high-level professional development opportunities to their employees.