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Christopher Intellectual Property Law, PLLC

Christopher Intellectual Property Law is a boutique art, business, and technology law practice with offices in Chattanooga and Cookeville. Christopher specializes in all corporate and intellectual property matters, from the genesis and incubation of an idea to its final commercialization. Whether you’re an artist, brewer, coder, crafter,or technology startup, Christopher will not only protect what you create, but also help it to thrive in the world.

Christopher Intellectual Property Law recognizes the importance of triple bottom line business practices, even at the small office level. In 2017, Christopher became a pending B-Corp member and active participant in One Percent for the Planet. Through these associations, Christopher has pledged to donate 10% of its fees to environmental and social impact nonprofits, and to prioritize employment, operating, and supply chain practices that model industry wide best practices.