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ChaTech offers member organizations the opportunity to engage the future of Chattanooga’s technology talent through a free internship portal. List your organization’s internship opportunities and get a glimpse into the next generation of tech professionals by browsing the applicant portal. Students are invited to submit applications, as they seek hands-on experience. Member organizations are responsible for hiring interns.

Internship Opportunities

College Students looking for Internships

NameJack Curtis
College/UniversityLehigh University
MajorDouble Major: Computer Science and Psychology
Class StandingFreshmen
Expected Graduation Date05/21/2022
Cover Letter and ResumeCurtis-Jack-resume.pdf
Why are you interested in an internship?

I am interested in finding an internship because I'm excited by what my future might hold. I'm majoring in both computer science and psychology, because I'm searching for a job where I can help out with coding, but also understand people enough to explain the most complex algorithms to the everyday user. This job to me would be a dream as I'm an extrovert, but I also love technology. I know it will take a while to find my dream job, so that is why I feel it is so important to start searching early. Not only this, but I believe that it is incredibly important to network and make strong connections with members of my community. Having an internship at a company can allow me to meet and form relationships with like minded people. This would be a very educational experience for me as well. I've worked a few summer jobs in the past, but at an internship I'd get my first look at how to manage a more complex job. Through this I will be able to learn where and what the position I'm looking for is.

More Opportunities

STEP-UP Chattanooga is a summer internship program that is managed by the Public Education Foundation (PEF), a nonprofit that has been around for 30 years.  STEP-UP Chattanooga works closely with Hamilton County Public Schools to strategically recruit, train, and place students from low-income backgrounds for paid summer internships. Internships last 6-8 weeks during June and July; interns work between 20-40 hours per week based on the needs of the employer.

STEP-UP Chattanooga allows Chattanooga area businesses and organizations an opportunity to introduce their industry to young people and to begin developing a pipeline of future employees.