Early Innovator Award

2017 Winner!

ChaTech Early Innovator Award

The Early Innovator Award (EIA) recognizes innovators in their early stages.   Often, this is a time of intense, long hours; investment of one’s own time and resources when success is not certain; excitement, vision, and loneliness in the face of taking risks.  The EIA recognizes the effort it takes to sustain focus in the face of these challenges.

In 2017, the nominees were a multitude of apps and software platforms covering diverse subject areas.  All are being developed, tested and launched in Chattanooga—potentially disrupting the sectors they serve.

Those considered for the 2017 Early Innovator Award were:

  • A maritime software platform called ARMS—Automated Risk Management Solution. Developed by the International Maritime Security Associates, this platform delivers real-time, geographically-relevant weather, traffic, risk, and threat intelligence to commercial and private vessels at sea.  ARMS provides a secure portal for these vessels to report risks and to communicate with shore-side management.
  • The House: an app that connects people to restaurant offers like dining specials, happy hours savings, events, and other exclusive offers in local establishments. Restaurants can use the app to increase business by sending offers to draw patrons for menu selections at targeted times. Users benefit by accessing special pricing, and by making their dining choices according to location, time of day, and the specific offer.
  • i-Card. This contact management app converts a user’s information into a QR code.  The code can be scanned by any smart phone. They make exchange of contact information simple, AND if someone changes an email address or phone number, the update is automatically pushed out to users by the app.
  • ROVE, a fitness app that enables people to log their steps on their smartphone or fitness device, to track goals, and to create teams or group for competitions. The app offers fitness accountability, either for one’s own goals or within a group.  The City of Chattanooga is using Rove to promote citizen engagement in fitness activities.

The winner of the 2017 Early Innovator Award is…