From the Director: People Make ChaTech Happen

From the Director: People Make ChaTech Happen

I’m starting my fifth week on the job as ChaTech’s Executive Director.  Some days, my brain is overflowing with details and information, and I struggle to keep it in some kind of order.  Other days, I feel like I’ve got a grasp of the facts and am making rational decisions.  I guess that describes most people when they first step in to fill the shoes of a long-standing and capable predecessor.

But what’s been fun and inspiring for me every day is the people who make ChaTech happen—the dedicated staff and the volunteers.

My co-worker Jennifer Walker can be both a bulldog and a princess. Usually, she’s all business, facts & figures, focused on “getting it done.”  But the night of our big fundraiser, the CxO Auction, which she had meticulously planned, Jennifer was a socialite.  She calmly and kindly organized the volunteers, charmed our sponsors and guests, and was the belle of the evening, all while raising a RECORD amount of money.  I learned Jennifer likes fun as well as order.

ChaTech’s board members are rock stars, too.  They bring to the table no only technical prowess, but a wise human touch as well.  I’m enjoying getting to know each of them, hearing about ChaTech through their eyes, and receiving their coaching as I step into unfamiliar situations in leading ChaTech toward new opportunities in 2017.  They bring valuable experience in program planning, marketing, finance, and facilitation.  Board members spend many hours on ChaTech’s behalf, participating in the work we do here and now, and planning for our future.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with them.

These experiences are a great reminder that technology doesn’t operate in a vacuum.  People, human experience, human judgement, and yes, human frailties, shape technology and how we direct it in our lives and communities.  I look forward to meeting ChaTech’s many Members and Sponsors in the months ahead—seeing what technology and personal talents they bring to our mission and work.

I send each of you my sincere best wishes for a happy holiday season.  May 2017 bring you health, happiness and prosperity!

Carla Askonas
Executive Director

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