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2019 CxO Auction details coming soon.

August 22, 2019

2019 CxO Details coming soon!

What is the CxO Auction? The CxO Auction is a unique party to raise funds for ChaTech programs.  The event combines a fun dinner with the opportunity for technology service providers, hardware/software vendors and consultants to bid for a 2-hour meeting with each of 7 technology leaders from the area.  

The tech leaders include chief information officers, chief information security officers and other C-Suite decision-makers—hence the generic title of CxO.  Representing some of the area’s largest companies and employers, the CxO’s are key consumers of tech-related products and services.

The highlight of the night is the fun—sometimes silly—and fast-paced auction of the 10 CxOs.  The CxO who raises the most money wins the title of The Big Cheese, complete with a 3-D printed cheese trophy.  We end the night with the opportunity for individuals and companies to make contributions to the ChaTech Scholarship Fund for the 2020 ChaTech Scholars.

Our Master of Ceremonies Vincent Phipps keeps the audience laughing and moves the evening along quickly.

Why come to the CxO Auction?  For some people, it’s the pure fun and for some it’s the opportunity to support important ChaTech programs.  

For others, the real draw is to make connections with IT leaders from Chattanooga’s biggest companies.  If you’ve been unable to get through the door to see one of these CxOs, here’s the chance to bid for that meeting—and to be in his/her good graces at the outset.  CxOs typically go for $3,000-$7,000 at Auction.* Bids may be tax deductible as a donation to ChaTech.

*Bids are expected to be paid the night of the auction.  Please contact the ChaTech office if you wish to bid but cannot complete payment.