CTC Volunteers Visit Central High

CTC Volunteers Visit Central High

March 19:  CTC Volunteers Visit Central High

As part of a continued focus on IT Education, volunteers visited Central High School to educate students about careers in IT.  The session focused on teaching the students about careers in IT beyond programming, including System Administration, Security, Networking and Database Administration.   Teacher Jennifer Haverlah:  My kids enjoyed the break from the normal routine and they connected with many of the kids.  I know because the kids came and asked more questions after they left. 

Carbon Five Volunteers:

Alex Cruidshank and Chris Keathley

CentralHigh-CarbonFive-2015-03-19 (2)

CentralHigh-Unum-2015-03-19 (2)

Unum Volunteers, left to right:

Horace Lynch, Jennifer Haverlah (teacher), Jake Redish and Stuart Dickerson

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