COMMUNITY VIEW: ChaTech and Chattanooga 2.0

COMMUNITY VIEW: ChaTech and Chattanooga 2.0

In 2015, a group of Chattanoogans began speaking about the need to fill jobs in our community. Knowing that 80% of living wage jobs in Hamilton County will require some education beyond high school, and that only 33% of Hamilton County students are on track to have a post-secondary credential, people realized that there would be a big gap between the available jobs and the supply of people to fill them.

This led to a discussion of strategies to ensure that ALL our students and residents have access to a high quality education, rewarding careers, and secure futures. Discussions then dug deeper to explore what needs to happen in early childhood to get kids to the kindergarten door ready and able to tackle all that lies ahead in school.

Ultimately, a movement was begun bringing together parents, schools, businesses, and human service agencies to build the smartest community in the South. Currently, strategies are being designed to reach ambitious goals that span the process from strengthening support for families to connecting more residents to high demand job.

What does that mean for ChaTech? We all need to find a place in the process where we can contribute to the success of this movement. ChaTech is looking at the programs we provide for students and tech professionals to see where we can support Chattanooga 2.0. We’ll also be leveraging our relationships with different industries to help them articulate what they need in current and future workers to help define what the workforce of the future—here in Chattanooga—needs to be successful.

Watch this space for updates.

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