CHATECH Volunteers Visit Dade County High School & Meigs County High School

CHATECH Volunteers Visit Dade County High School & Meigs County High School


CHATECH Volunteers Visit Dade County &

Meigs County High Schools

February 2016

As part of an ongoing partnership with CHATECH and Unum, volunteers visited Dade County High School and Meigs County High School to educate students about careers in IT. The session focused on teaching the students about careers in IT beyond programming, including System Administration, Security, Networking and Database Administration. Teacher Nick Wilson, Dade County High School: “I want to thank you gentlemen for taking the time out of your schedules to visit my classroom and offer such great information. My students, appreciated your time and found value in what you had to say”.


Pictured: Andrew Mullens (Unum), Nick Wilson (Teacher, DCHS), and Stuart Dickerson (CHATECH)


Pictured: Mike McCleery (Unum) and Andrew Mullens (Unum)


Pictured: Bryan Jacob, Richard Smith and Stuart Dickerson (Unum) at MCH

Teacher, Marica Merck, Meigs County High School: “Thank you for speaking with our students at Meigs County High School today. We enjoyed having you share about opportunities within the IT field. Your love of the profession and Unum shined through in your discussions. It was an enlightening moment as students learned first-hand the importance of teamwork and problem-solving. Your skit with the students was the hit of the day! Thank you again for your time and effort. What an amazing program you have for reaching young people”.

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