ChaTech Seeks Proposal for Marketing Partner

ChaTech Seeks Proposal for Marketing Partner




The Chattanooga Technology Council (ChaTech) is a nonprofit membership association for technology-related and tech-enabled businesses located in or serving the greater Chattanooga area.  Our 105 corporate members represent tens of thousands of employees in the region.  ChaTech’s mission is to connect the tech community to drive economic growth across the region.  ChaTech is the bridge connecting the Chattanooga technology community to the resources needed for growth.

ChaTech offers a variety of educational and social programs, curates peer forums for professionals in different IT disciplines, plans professional development conferences, and supports efforts to create and sustain a robust IT talent pipeline.  Our ChaTech Scholars program gives scholarships to students in IT majors.  Our Code Camp gives local public-school students a high-quality coding experience to foster interest in IT careers.

Until recently, ChaTech has had a staff of 2.5 FTEs.  After experiencing frequent turnover in the full-time event planner/marketing coordinator position, and due to the financial pressures of COVID, we are taking a different approach in the summer of 2020.  We would like to meet our digital marketing needs through a contract with an individual or agency.


ChaTech communicates with its members and other partners through electronic newsletters, its social media presence, and its WordPress website.  Newsletters/mass emails, some social media, and website updates are normally scheduled.  Some social media work occurs on an as-needed basis in response to member and partner needs.

Here is a profile of ChaTech’s needs.  We’re looking for a partner who can support these needs with the possibility of expanding to more areas/time.


  • Coordinate with outgoing staff on scheduling emails so as to include but not conflict with TechX promotions (Aug 3 – Sept 11, 2020).  There will be some TechX-specific emails leading up to the event.

  • Support programming – 30-60 min per event, 1-2 events per month
    • Visuals made in Canva and posted to Social Media
    • Email notification – standalone announcement via MailChimp, may need to be repeated
  • Email newsletters (“Events & Updates”) – 1-2 hrs each, 1-2 per month
    • Template already exists
    • Compile content about all upcoming events
    • Get new member info from staff
    • Help generate new content relevant to members (Ex: How to customize company listing in Member Directory; profile something ChaTech wants to promote, etc.)
    • Depending on schedule of programs, may need to edit and re-send mid-month.
  • Social Media – 15 min/day when familiar, 5-10 posts per week
    • Event promotion (see above “support programming”)
    • Monitor Hootsuite streams to re-tweet from the Chattanooga community, National Tech community, and ChaTech members


  • ChaTech Scholars (Scholarship program) – 5-10 hours
    • Update website content and layout
    • Work with staff to integrate link for student application from into website
    • Social media campaign while applications are open (4-6 weeks, 3 posts/week)
    • Social media campaign to promote scholarship awards ceremony (2 weeks, 3 posts/week)
    • MailChimp campaign for student applications and awards ceremony (6 total)


  • Scenic City Summit
    • Provide updates on ChaTech website (1 hour)
    • Visuals made in Canva and posted to Social Media (2-4 posts/week)
  • Sponsorship
    • Develop sponsorship prospectus for 2021 (2-4 hours)
  • Work with ChaTech Marketing & Membership Committee to raise the visibility of the organization (time TBD)


ChaTech is looking for a partner experienced in all the electronic tools listed above.  Inhouse experience with WordPress is critical for timely turnaround. 

It’s necessary for the selected vendor to be responsive to our communication, transparent in their capabilities and availability, and detail-oriented. ChaTech has a brand guideline and templates for many marketing components but there is leeway for the vendor to express their style.

Your proposal should describe your experience with MailChimp, social media marketing, WordPress, and creating content.  Include at least one example of an event promotion campaign. The proposed budget should address the Immediate Tasks and Special Events work, with information on how the Future Facing Tasks would be figured.  Please include a list of current/past clients and  professional references.


Proposals will be accepted until 9:00 a.m. on Friday, August 21, 2020. They will be reviewed as quickly as possible and meetings set up with selected candidates to discuss proposals and credentials.  As soon as a vendor has been selected, ChaTech will meet with representatives to get work under way.


Carla Askonas, Executive Director of ChaTech at

Your proposal may include a link to Google Docs, Dropbox, or any other accessible site where large files can be viewed.

A copy of this RFP is available here.

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