Early Innovator Award

2016 Winner!

ChaTech Early Innovator Award

The ChaTech Early Innovator Award (EIA) honors emerging, technology-based companies that have produced a groundbreaking prototype product or software application that has potential for success in the marketplace. You can nominate a company or apply for the EIA using the application below.

Eligibility criteria for the EIA are:

  • A company that has a meaningful presence in Chattanooga
  • The innovation is demonstrably new or of different from what currently exists
  • The innovation has generated actual sales of less than $50,000.

In 2017, the Early Innovator Award and the Chamber’s Spirit of Innovation Award will be presented on Friday, October 20th at a luncheon that is the culmination of Startup Week.

  • Please answer each item as directly and concisely as possible. Your objective is to ensure that the judges will understand the nature of the innovation and why it is important. When printed the total page count for your application should be no more than 5 pages, but you can add up to four additional items (photos, press clippings, testimonials, videos, etc.) as described in #8 below.
  • Please provide complete contact information:
  • Describe the innovation or innovative practice in layman's terms. The best response will identify the problem or need that the innovation addresses and describe how the innovation is different and better than competitive solutions. Please include the following information in your response:

  • Drop files here or