ChaTech and BCBST Host Coding Camp

ChaTech and BCBST Host Coding Camp

ChaTech’s mission to INVEST in the workforce pipeline across the region is, in part, fulfilled by a recent collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee (BCBST) when they joined together as a community to give middle and high school students the opportunity to learn how to code at a week long summer camp. With Chattanooga being such a growing hub for IT fields, ChaTech and BCBST wants to help kids who are interested in this line of work to grow and expose them to important skills that will be needed to excel in the future. The collaboration seeks to help children develop computer science knowledge and programming skills in a fun, intuitive and imaginative way.

The camp allows students to learn about the computer technology they use daily and then have the opportunity to create it. They are taught to write HTML for websites, how to make computer games using JavaScript and how to efficiently work in teams. The week camp helps them learn and understand the language of tomorrow and gives them real hands on experience, which will help them when looking for future job opportunities.

We know that by INVESTING in these young adults, we are INVESTING in Chattanooga by continuing to expand and GROW its talent pool and tech-fueled economy as well as build a diverse pipeline of ‘homegrown’ tech talent to meet and boost local economies.

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