Ain’t No Party Like an InfoSystems Anniversary Party

Ain’t No Party Like an InfoSystems Anniversary Party

On April 16, ChaTech’s April Social will be sponsored by InfoSystems, Inc. at the Signal. Did you know that InfoSystems has been serving the IT needs of Chattanooga and surrounding areas for 25 years? Talk about an impact on our IT community!

Let’s think for a moment about just a few of the changes in technology that have occurred during InfoSystems’ 25 years in business:

  • 1994 (the year InfoSystems was founded): Removable floppy disc storage ZIP drives are released to market.
  • 2000: Y2K — need we say more?
  • 2004: Motorola releases its first-ever version of the iconic RAZR. (Has everyone heard these are allegedly making a comeback?)
  • 2009: EPB launches Chattanooga’s Fi-Speed Internet.
  • 2015: HBO makes its programming available via streaming through HBO Now.

And although each of these events may not have had a direct impact on InfoSystems or the way the company conducted business, it brings one sure fact to light: As technology has shifted and changed over the years, InfoSystems has been around for all of it. Today, the company works diligently to focus on balancing adaptability in an ever-changing landscape and a continued commitment to excellence in service.

“If you look at how things change from year to year or even month to month in this industry, the pace is staggering,” said Clay Hales, Founder and President at InfoSystems. “It’s a totally different market than it was even five years ago. But despite the changes, I can say that one thing has remained the same since we started the company — InfoSystems is absolutely dedicated to building systems the right way, the secure way, and knowing that we do the right thing for our customers, every time.”

Read more about InfoSystem’s 25 years of solving technology challenges here.

How We’re Celebrating

So. Now that there’s no question about what we’ll be celebrating, it’s time to share all the details. We’re partnering with InfoSystems to host a 25th-anniversary bash at the Signal for our ChaTech April Social.

When: April 16, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Where: The Signal, 1810 Chestnut Street

RSVP here.




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