2017 ChaTech Survey Results

2017 ChaTech Survey Results

The results are in! Thank you to all who participated in our 2017 ChaTech programs survey. Our programs committee and staff have reviewed the 55 responses, and here are the trends we’ve found.

High-Level Numbers

  • 84% of respondents let us know that they find ChaTech programs and membership valuable.
  • Our top 3 proposed programs topics were: Emerging Tech, Workforce Development, CyberSecurity. Emerging Tech is always a popular topic and was a hit last December. Workforce Development, we will talk about more below. Our CyberSecurity panel will take place in October.
  • 45% of respondents didn’t know that we host an awards luncheon for our scholarship recipients. We will do a better job in 2018 to broadcast this.

New Programs or Services?

We received many new ideas for programs or services that ChaTech could provide. Here are just a few and our responses:

  • “Internship/Placement programs for High School and Trade School students”
    • This is one we hear a lot. It’s great that we offer scholarships to college students, but high school and trade school students need resources too. This is where programs like Step Up Chattanooga and SE TN Pathways can really help. While helping to grow the tech ecosystems in Chattanooga, ChaTech’s secondary duty is to broadcast other fantastic programs like these who’s mission runs in parallel with ours.
  • “More for younger professionals who are new to networking events. More for women, more for people of color”
    • Our ChaTech Women group is restarting. Our first planning meeting of 2018 was a few weeks ago, and we can’t wait to unveil the event calendar targeted to address issues uniquely affecting women in tech careers. We are using this as a blueprint for a new ChaTech panel, focused on diversity and inclusion in the tech space. Stay tuned for that.

Topics for Future Programs?

Our Monthly Connect events are the backbone of ChaTech. It is how we get to know our members and sponsors, so thank you for providing these new ideas.

  • “Hiring new graduates” and “Diversity in Tech”
    • We are talking with SHRM Chattanooga to create some joint programming where we can investigate issues that intersect HR, company culture, and tech.
  • “General App Development” “Programming Tools/Languages”
    • Our programming tends to stay a little more general, but there are a number of Chattanooga meetup groups like ChaDevPowerShell ChattanoogaWordPress Chattanooga, and a whole host of others. You could find a meetup for almost every programming language out there. Also, our Scenic City Summit is a one-day developers’ conference where you can learn from experts in the field.

General Feedback

  • “Fees were not geared toward individual membership.”
    • With the decision in 2016 to go to an employer-based membership, we welcome individual members at the $250 level.  Join other individuals who purchase a $250/year membership. Non-members can attend our Connect events for $15.
  • “I love ChaTech’s contribution to the tech community and workforce in Chattanooga and am constantly surprised and delighted by the depth and breadth of their offerings. Keep up the great work!”
    • Thank you!

Again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. Your feedback is essential for us to keep delivering member value. If you have any other general feedback, please email info@chatechcouncil.org or comment on this post below!

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